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Greeting cards for all moods and occasions, exclusive, elegant, unique, can be used as gifts, thought-provoking images, stimulating, interesting.

Digitally printed blank folded cards 4″ X 6″, 270g/m2 (sq mtr) Texture Board with inspired captions at the back. The manufacturer practices responsible forestry.

  • Inserts in Matt finish art board of 220 / 250g / m2, explaining the concept of the cards.
  • 5 X 3 cm hang tags with silver twine
  • Pre-gummed, pristine white envelopes in 100 g/m2 in ML paper
  • Recyclable, reusable cotton or silk pouches

Note: Colours of printed products may differ from screen colours.

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The greeting cards feature the varied moods of Nature. Through the images and captions, Sravasti has tried to interpret these moods to remind you that the Earth and animals have unconditional feelings, which need to be treasured. The Elements series has 3 themes – Vistas 1, Vistas 2, and Fauna. The photographs are from The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Brunei. These island countries are, consciously, trying to preserve their abundant natural beauty.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 10.16 × 2 cm

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