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Greeting cards for all moods and occasions, exclusive, elegant, unique, can be used as gifts.

Digitally printed blank folded cards 4″ X 6″, 270g/m2 (sq mtr) Texture Board with inspired captions at the back. The manufacturer practices responsible forestry.

  • Inserts in Matt finish art board of 220 / 250g / m2, explaining the concept of the cards.
  • 5 X 3 cm hang tags with silver twine
  • Pre-gummed, pristine white envelopes in 100 g/m2 in ML paper
  • Recyclable, reusable cotton or silk pouches

Note: Colours of printed products may differ from screen colours.

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Vistas 1

As the name suggests, the greeting cards of Vistas 1 bring images of enlightening sunrises and sunsets, cascading waterfalls, stormy skies and sprawling fields.

Transcendant - Palawan, The Philippines

Transcendant - Palawan, The Philippines

A serene sunset that ends the day to usher in the evening is a gentle reminder of life’s transient nature. Nothing remains forever, yet there is always a new beginning where the old ends. The raging sun cools down as Nature changes from light blue clothes to darker evening wear. Palawan is the last ecological frontier of The Philippines, with white beaches, emerald waters and green cliffs.

Golden Dew - Maskeliya, Sri Lanka

Golden Dew - Maskeliya, Sri Lanka

As the warmer shades of gold wake up a valley, blue mountains and grey lakes change from dark to light shades; greenery slowly emerges from under its night cover. A new dewy beginning of another day. Maskeliya, known for its tea estates, is located at the foothills of the famous Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka.

Ruminant - Ambewela Farm, Nuwera Eliya, Sri Lanka

Ruminant - Ambewela Farm, Nuwera Eliya, Sri Lanka

Luscious green vales, veiled in misty skies, always has an alluring effect on a ruminating mind. Nature reveals her contemplative mood. The Ambewela Dairy Farms or ‘Little New Zealand’ in Nuwera Eliya are the highest and widest grasslands of Sri Lanka, where the average annual temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. It has Ayrshire cows that supply milk for the popular brand Ambewala Milk.

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