Tiger’s nest

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Guest Blog, Poems

The sheer rock face 

threw a challenge

We accepted it.

The myth talked about a flying tiger

We accepted it.

The shenanigans of an ancient monk

Reinvented with passing time. 

We accepted it.

The journey should end

At the hermitage,

We accepted it.

The peregrination

Is obligatory 

They said;

The ascent within oneself and without

Is cathartic they said.  

The blessing of the enlightened one

Is a must they said. 

Foot by foot

Rock by rock 

We climbed.

A step here, a step there

Against the will of mountain

We climbed.

With our bodies bent

But will upright 

 We climbed.

With doubtful steps 

But steady mind 

We climbed. 

 Shindigs of the 

Impermanent world


The temporal goal

Long lost 

As we stood at the cavernous door;

Alone, all three 

Accepting the lore –

Where the mind is un-shackled

The body is free. 

Marilyn Mitra Reza feels & writes –

A logical mind and dreamy heart

I’m assertive at times but never too curt.

I cook with a passion and write without mission;

Treat friends and foes with equal compassion.