How You Behave is Who You Are

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Social Trends, Sravasti's Blog

11 important points on social behaviour

Covid-19 has brought out some stark realities in our social behaviour. It has made some of us learn how not to behave in public spaces. Pandemic or not, these insensitive behaviours have been plaguing us for ages. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Am sure you have many more examples of your own.

Listed below are some of our behavioural traits and learnings from the Covid-19 situation and otherwise: –


  • Callous social behaviour –
    • No mask; mask below chin; mask below nose; pulling down mask when talking
    • Coughing or sneezing into hands and touching door handles, etc. after washing hands
    • Pushing people in queues; letting children run and shout in public spaces
    • Ill-treating Covid-19 patients and caregivers
    • Men using walls and roads as toilets
    • Speaking loudly on the mobile to show the world how busy you are
    • Spitting on the road
    • Crossing roads disregarding traffic rules, putting others at risk
    • Honking continuously, even in silence zones
    • Shutting doors behind you without checking if anyone else is coming
    • Interfering in other’s private lives and gossiping
  • Corresponding responsible social behaviour – 
    • Wearing masks that cover your nose and mouth
    • Washing hands with soap; using sanitizers
    • Maintaining queues and social distancing; taking care that children are well-behaved in public spaces
    • Being compassionate and helping patients and frontliners
    • Men using toilets and aiming inside the pot
    • Speaking softly on the mobile so as not to disturb others
    • Using a basin to spit in, if at all needed
    • Crossing roads at junctions and using zebra crossings; no jaywalking
    • Not honking unless absolutely necessary
    • Keeping doors open for the next person, regardless of gender / age
    • Live and let live; being unbiased
  • Corresponding learnings – 
    • Minimise infecting yourself and others
    • Being clean and hygienic
    • Pushing and shoving will get you closer to COVID-19
    • You can be infected tomorrow, with no help at hand
    • Keeping your private acts to yourself
    • The world doesn’t need to know about your life. We have enough problems of our own
    • Knowing that apart from making the areas dirty, you are also spreading diseases
    • Following traffic rules to avoid accidents. It maybe you under the wheels one day
    • You will be needing hearing aids soon
    • Being polite and sensitive
    • Gossiping about others. Others gossiping about you


Written by: Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar

Editing: Mitul Bose

Comic Strip: Kanishka Dasgupta

Images: Adobe Stock Photos and freepik

Video Editing: Shinjini Mitra

Music: Shayak Mitra