Cheers to all Coffee Mates on International Coffee Day!

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Lifestyle, Social Trends, Sravasti's Blog

Coffee and Cafes have taken over our lives. It is supposedly the most loved beverage after water. We love to spend time at trendy coffee shops, warming the chairs with a hot cup of coffee in hand, saying cheers with friends. Or alone, working on our laptops while soaking in the aroma, flavour and the ambience.

I usually have a cup of strong black coffee everyday but have loads more when I am in my hometown meeting up with friends. Since I am always short of time, I make do with instant coffee and leave the brewing to the baristas.

I asked a few of my friends and family why they drank coffee and which type of coffee they preferred. They were sporting enough to send me images of their cups of coffee so that we could have it together, virtually. You can see these in the embedded video or on Youtube.

volcano, coffee cup, camera

A cup of coffee while viewing Mount Batur from Kintamani village in Bali

Pandit Tanmoy Bose (Renowned Indian percussionist) – I am seriously addicted to black coffee. I grind my own coffee beans and am a collector. I love the Greek/Turkish blends and Arabian white coffee. 

Swati Mitra (Teacher) – Just a cup of black coffee in the morning for me. Sometimes, if I am the co-host on an online teaching session, then a cup at the end of the session, to boost my energy.

Sharmistha Bhattacharya (Teacher) – It refreshes and helps me relax. I love black coffee and espresso.

Ananya Ray (Teacher/Entrepreneur) – I drink coffee only on cold or rainy days. I love the intense, heartwarming aroma. Americano, no sugar.

Marilyn Mitra (Writer) – Filter coffee because I love the taste.

Vahista Dastoor (in her own words “Good for nothing”) – I love the aroma of  brewing filter coffee. But I usually have instant as I’m always in a hurry. Won’t mind a little whiskey in it to jazz it up.

Eina Ahluwalia (Conceptual jewellery designer) – Pour over coffee tastes the best. I drink coffee because I feel good and my brain wakes up only after a cuppa.

Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar (Banker) – For me, coffee is a stimulant…love the smell! I prefer freshly ground beans and brewed coffee.

Ipsita Bose (Homemaker) – South Indian Filter coffee, the aroma wakes me up in the morning.  I also like Luwak for its odd strong flavour.

Yamini Sequeira (Journalist) – I enjoy a cup of Cappuccino.

Sidhartha Basu (Strategy & Finance Consultant) – I have espresso and Americano, without sugar. I also like South Indian filter coffee. I like the taste of it.

Artika Bakshi (Teacher/Writer) – Black always! Arabica generally. Nescafé when desperate only! Brand – Lavazza or Illy. Got a nice blue mountain and Kenyan coffee. Has to be with a cookie/biscotti.

Arghya Roy Chowdhary (IT Professional) – They say, it has anti-depressants and I feel happy drinking it. French roast coffee is my fave.

Kurchi Dasgupta (Artist/Teacher) – Black, not espresso because it keeps me awake and lets me work when I want to sleep.

Ania Smithers (Teacher) – I love the taste and the ritual of making and drinking it. I love it black, no sugar. Karma coffee is my favourite.

whisky coffee cup

Coffee as an anti-dote to hangover

Chandrima Sengupta (Homemaker) – I love coffee, even though it triggers my migraine.

Anurag Basu (Entrepreneur) – I used to drink coffee once upon a time and black was my favourite. It was like a magic drink after a hard day’s work. It helped to cure many a hangover.

A short video on why we drink coffee and which coffee we like.

Words: Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar

Editing: Mitul Bose

Images: Sravasti and Shayak, Swati, Sharmistha, Ananya, Marilyn, Vahista, Eina, Yamini, Artika, Ipsita, Sidhartha, Kurchi, Ania, Chandrima

Video Editing: Shinjini Mitra

Music: Shayak Mitra