Love and forgetting

by | Sep 20, 2020 | Guest Blog, Social Trends


I cradled you

when you slept

I soothed you 

when you wept

I fed you 

when you craved 


for thought as all.

Now it is your turn

feed me,

soothe me,

love me.

For I am the one

who loved you


who loves you


I may not 


your name,

but your face

your voice,

fills my heart

with love,

fills my eyes

with tears.

Hear me

when I call you,

when words 

no longer come

out of my mouth.

I still love you 

with every breath

my last breath.

I am not 

a shadow

of my old self.

See your self 

in me.

I do not live 

in death,

your un-loving

your forgetting,

my child,

kills me 


Keep me 


in your thoughts,

love me,


love me.


Suparna Bose is a doctoral student and an associate instructor.

While she’s not writing, she paints, does gardening, and thinks.

Image: Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar