Me, Myself and You

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Social Trends, Sravasti's Blog

I am a woman. I believe in myself. I believe in you, too. My faith in ‘us’ is my greatest strength.

You and I coexist in a world that wants us to agree to be different. I accept you the way you are. You accept me the way I am. My gender, my age, my colour, my dimensions, my race, my religion, my food habit – is all mine. I was born with it just as you were born with yours.

You and I are different. And, that is our beauty. That is what makes our world beautiful. If we look beyond the outer layers of our physicality, we are the same. You and I will age and die and that is the ultimate truth of life. 

So, why should we pull each other down while we are living? Why can’t we pull ‘us’ up and live in peace?


My sexual difference makes me interesting.

My gray hair, wrinkles, and cellulite are stamps of my experience and maturity.

My ethnicity, culture and religion help me respect yours and make our world well-balanced.

The world is my country. My world is colourful because we are of different colours like the different hues of Nature.


Imagine all the women in my photographs carrying the same photoshopped look wearing the same attire in the same location. You won’t look at the photographs, will you? You will be interested only if my words and images convey a different story each time I post.

See how beautiful my models look in these photographs.

Tibetan lady feeds pigeons Boudhanath Stupa

Tibetan lady feeds pigeons
Boudhanath Stupa Kathmandu, Nepal

A compassionate middle-aged Tibetan lady in traditional attire, feeds pigeons in the grounds of the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Old Filipina lady selling candles Basilica del Santo Niño

Filipina lady sells candles
Basilica del Santo Niño in Cebu, The Philippines

A determined old Filipina lady sells candles that will be lit at the altar of the Basilica del Santo Niño in Cebu, The Philippines.

Two Nepali women eating ice-creams Kathmandu Darbar Square

Nepali women enjoy ice-creams
Kathmandu Darbar Square, Nepal

Radiant Nepali ladies enjoy ice-cream and relax in the Kathmandu Darbar Square. Who cares about accepted social norms of being lady-like?

Santhal woman Bengali woman cooking

A Santhal lady and a Bengali lady cooking
Rare Earth Farms and Homestay in Bolpur, India

A Santhal lady and her Bengali colleague from the district of Bolpur, West Bengal in India, are equally adept in cooking and fieldwork.

Sri Lankan ladies Colpetty Colombo

Old Sri Lankan ladies
Colpetty, Colombo

Beautifully aged Sri Lankan ladies take time out of their busy schedule at the door of their home in Colpetty, Colombo.

Three Bruneian Ladies Ramadan Gadong Night Market

Bruneian ladies during Ramadan
Gadong Night Market, Brunei

Ladies of peaceful Brunei happily pose for a photo despite having fasted the whole day during the month of Ramadan. They sell roasted chicken at the Gadong Night Market.

My models are attractive because of who they are. Not because they are like me. Each one different. Each one equal in her diversity.


Text & Images: Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar